Hampton蛋白结晶试剂盒CrystalHarp Plate (Swissci)

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CrystalHarp Plate (Swissci)


  • Capillary diffusion crystallization & in situ X-ray diffraction analysis


  • Capillary diffusion offers a broad variable screen in one experiment
  • 48 experiments per plate
  • in situ diffraction analysis using conventional X-ray sources
  • Direct beam line and in situ diffraction analysis possible
  • Unique capillary material with easy to remove crystal methodology
  • Compatible with any incubation and imaging system


The CrystalHarp plate is designed for crystallization based on capillary diffusion and can be used for crystallization screening and optimization.

Capillary diffusion achieves a much broader screening of variables in one single experiment. The CrystalHarp plate contains 48 capillaries in total and is in an ANSI/SBS 1-2004-standard format to facilitate handling and imaging.

Addition of cryoprotectants or derivatives for phasing studies can be easily added after crystal appearance. The SBS format enables the usage of the plate directly on beam line robots or alternatively single capillaries can be easily mounted to standard magnetic base, enabling in situ diffraction analysis.

The unique capillary material allows data collection at room temperature. Flash-freezing in a liquid nitrogen stream (with or without the use of cryoprotectants) is also feasible. The formation of ice-rings is kept to a manageable minimum.

Contents of Box
1. CrystalHarp plate in shrink wrap
2. Sealant in 10 milliliter syringe with orange delivery nozzle
3. 2 milliliter syringe and flat green nozzle for capillary cleaving
4. Instruction booklet

Swissci product number QH48T-G100

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CrystalHarp Plate (Swissci)

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CrystalHarp Plate (Swissci)




CrystalHarp Plate





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CrystalHarp Plate (Swissci) HR3-188 CrystalHarp User GuideCrystalHarp Plate (Swissci) HR3-188 CrystalHarp Poster Presentation


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