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Seeding Tool


  • Streak Seeding


  • Natural fiber 天然纤维
  • Built-in handle/cover  内置把手/盖子


During streak seeding, one touches the Seeding Tool to crystalline material to dislodge, remove and transfer small crystals (seeds) to a drop that will support the growth of potentially larger and more perfect crystals.

A seed can provide a template on which additional macromolecules can assemble and under the proper conditions, grow to form a large single crystal. Using seeding can avoid problems associated with growing crystals from spontaneous nucleation. Seeds can grow into larger crystals in the metastable region of the solubility curve, which is a region of lower, relative supersaturation. One can also streak seed from phase separation or amorphous material as a diagnostic to confirm whether the material is crystalline.

The Seeding Tool is a 1 cm natural fiber attached to a stainless steel pin and plastic handle. The Seeding Tool is supplied with a cover to protect the fiber and when the cover is placed on the back side of the Seeding Tool, it makes an excellent handle


种子可以提供模板,额外的大分子可以在其上组装,并在适当的条件下生长形成大的单晶。 使用晶种可以避免与自发成核生长晶体相关的问题。 晶种可以在溶解度曲线的亚稳态区域中生长成较大的晶体,该区域是较低的相对过饱和区域。 人们还可以从相分离或无定形材料中划出种子作为诊断,以确认材料是否为结晶。

播种工具是一根 1 厘米长的天然纤维,附在不锈钢针和塑料手柄上。 播种工具配有保护纤维的盖子,当盖子放在播种工具的背面时,它是一个出色的手柄

Seeding Tool
Seeding Tool
Seeding Tool



Seeding Tool


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