Hampton蛋白结晶试剂盒StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit

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StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit


  • Focused, titrated buffer stocks for crystal screening, optimization, & production
  • 用于晶体筛选、优化和生产的集中滴定缓冲液


  • 0.1 unit increments for fine tuning pH
  • pH 3.6 – 5.6
  • 1.0 M concentrated stocks
  • pKa = 4.8


StockOptions Buffer kits are reagent toolboxes for the macromolecular crystal grower. Stock-Options reagent kits offer precisely formulated, high quality crystallization grade reagent stocks in convenient, cost-effective kits. The chemicals utilized in StockOptions kits are the same crystallization grade, ultra-high purity chemicals utilized in the Hampton Research kits. StockOptions reagents are carefully formulated under strict quality standards to ensure reliable performance and lot-to-lot consistency.

Preformulated stocks remove calculation, measurement, and formulation errors. No more second guessing how the reagent was formulated, what specific chemical was used, when it was made, or how to precisely reproduce that reagent when it is gone and more reagent is required for additional setups.

Each HR2-233 contains 21 unique reagents covering the pH range of 3.6 to 5.6 in 0.1 pH increments. Each reagent is supplied in a 10 milliliter volume and is titrated using HCl.

StockOptions 缓冲液试剂盒是大分子晶体生长器的试剂工具箱。 Stock-Options 试剂盒以方便、经济高效的试剂盒形式提供精确配制的高质量结晶级试剂库存。 StockOptions 套件中使用的化学品与 Hampton Research 套件中使用的结晶级超高纯度化学品相同。 StockOptions 试剂按照严格的质量标准精心配制,以确保可靠的性能和批次间的一致性。

预先配制的库存消除了计算、测量和配方错误。 无需再猜测试剂是如何配制的、使用了何种特定化学品、何时制造,或者在试剂消失后如何精确复制该试剂,并且需要更多试剂来进行额外设置。

每个 HR2-233 包含 21 种独特的试剂,涵盖 3.6 至 5.6 的 pH 范围,以 0.1 pH 为增量。 每种试剂的容量为 10 毫升,并使用 HCl 进行滴定。

Sodium acetate trihydrate
Synonym: Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate
Mr 136.08
CAS Number [6131-90-4]
EC Number 204-823-8
Merck 14,8571
Beilstein Registry Number 3732037
RTECS AJ4580000
MDL Number MFCD00071557
PubChem Substance ID 24886015
Purity >99.5%
pKa = 4.8

Al <0.0005%
As <0.00001%
Bi <0.0005%
Ca <0.001%
Cd <0.0005%
Cl <0.0005%
Co <0.0005%
Cr <0.0005%
Cu <0.0005%
Fe <0.0005%
K <0.005%
Li <0.0005%
Mg <0.0005%
Mn <0.0005%
Mo <0.0005%
Ni <0.0005%
Pb <0.0005%
PO4 <0.0005%
SO4 <0.002%
Sr <0.0005%
Zn <0.0005%

HR2-233 StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit 10 mL tube format

StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit
StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit
StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit
StockOptions Sodium Acetate Buffer Kit



StockOptions Sodium Acetate Kit


pH 3.6 to 5.6 in 0.1 pH unit increments





  • Sodium acetate trihydrate Buffer
  • Individual StockOptions Sodium Acetate Reagents
  • 三水乙酸钠缓冲液


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